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Latest Headlines

  • Pyramid of Influence 2014 found that 58% of serious golfer respondents indicated they normally let the price of new technology come down before purchasing.
  • Pyramid of Influence 2014 found that on average the serious golfer spent 18% less on golf equipment than they did in 2007.
  • May 2014 Retail Reports – Spikeless Golf Shoes 44.4% of all US golf footwear retail dollar sales and 46.8% of unit sales through on and off course golf shops. Avg. Price Spikeless $91.35
  • YTD May 2014 Retail Reports US On and Off Course Unit Sales vs. YTD  2013: Drivers -7.8% / Fairways -10.0% / Hybrids -11.1% / Irons -1.6% / Putters -5.4% / Wedges +17.3%
  • On/Off Course YTD May 2014 Golf Ball retail sales down 4.3% over same period 2013 and unit sales were down 6.2%.  Average dozen price $28.82 which is up 2.1% over YTD May 2013.
  • Golf Apparel YTD May 2014 Report – US retail sales On and Off Course Combined Men’s Shirts,Tops and Bottoms up 2.2%, Women’s Shirts, Tops and Bottoms down 2.0% and Outerwear was up 0.4% over YTD May 2013
  • May 2014 vs. May 2013 US Rounds Played were up 0.9% on a national level while YTD through May 2014 vs 2013 US Rounds Played were down 1.9%.  Contact us at to find out how to receive the monthly reports.
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