The Company

Golf Datatech, LLC was established in 1995 as the golf industry’s premier source of accurate and timely data on retail sales, inventory, pricing and distribution of golf products. In 1999, Golf Datatech expanded into consumer research through syndicated and proprietary studies utilizing its unique expertise and knowledge of the golf industry, ultimately developing and utilizing its exclusive and proprietary database of Serious Golfers.

In 2005, Golf Datatech extended its reach into Europe forming a strategic partnership with Phillip Barnard and Crossover Technology, producing the first-ever electronically driven retail sales reporting system for the golf industry in the United Kingdom. Three years later, reports were added covering the golf market in Sweden, with further expansion into other European markets under consideration.

The three principals of Golf Datatech, LLC, John Krzynowek, David Overmyer and Tom Stine have over 100 years of combined experience in research, sales and marketing of golf products and golf media, while Phil Barnard has been intimately involved in the U.K. golf market since 1995.

Retail Sales Reports

Golf Datatech’s Retail Sales Reports are the gold standard of the golf industry and represent the only true measure of market share, average selling price, inventory and distribution of golf products in the world. Golf Datatech retail reports include data in eight hard goods product categories, (golf balls, woods, irons, wedges, putters, golf footwear, bags and gloves) seven apparel categories (men’s shirts, tops and bottoms; women’s shirts, tops and bottoms; and outerwear) and distance measuring devices through an exclusive network of On Course Golf Shops and Off Course Golf Specialty Stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and France.

Syndicated Consumer Studies

Golf Datatech’s Consumer Research conducts a strategic and revolving menu of syndicated research studies targeted to assist in the sales and marketing of all golf products.


Golf Datatech Proprietary Studies are designed and conducted to address the specific brand and product issues of individual clients. Generally, these consumer studies are developed by Golf Datatech at the direction of the client and are executed against the Golf Datatech Database of Serious Golfers via online interviews. Golf Datatech also has extensive experience conducting trade research within the various channels of retailers that sell golf equipment.