Assessing the Pyramid 2014

Identifying and Understanding Golf’s Key Influencers

The Assessing the Pyramid Study was conceived to be an examination of the traditional Pyramid of Influence, evaluating the attitudes and behaviors of Serious Golfers and how they impact those around them. This 2014 study analyzes the lingering impact of the U.S. economic meltdown on the golf industry, and its most engaged participants.

Conducted with over 3,000 Serious Golfers, the investigation looked at how Serious Golfers evaluate new technology, how they gather information on new products and technology and what influences them to purchase.

Golf Datatech released its initial “Assessing the Pyramid” study in the summer of 2007, just months before the U.S. economy began slipping into the early stages of recession. This 2014 version of the study, helps to bring the discussion full circle, while providing the golf industry with a roadmap into the future.

The 2014 study compares attitudes and opinions from low handicaps to higher handicap players and how these have changed over the past seven years.  Cross tabbed sub-segments focus on Alpha golfers (high frequency purchasers), Age, Facility Type, Handicaps and Gender

Answers to questions such as: Does the traditional “Pyramid theory still hold? What has been the impact of the recession on the attitudes of golfers regarding golf purchases? Has the craving for new or improved technologies in golf equipment been marred by the economic circumstances over the past seven years? These and many more questions are investigated in depth within the study.

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