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  • Apparel sell thru (Units) on-off course October’22 vs October’21:  Men’s Shirts +0.4%; Women’s Shirts -5.4%; Outerwear -7.0%; Men’s Tops +8.4%; Women’s Tops +6.1%; Total Retail Market (Dollars) +8.1%
  • Retail sell thru on-off course YTD October’22 vs October’21 (dollars) :  Irons -3.4%; Woods -8.2%; Wedges +3.6%; Putters -0.4%, Distance Devices -4.1%, Bags -2.5%, Shoes -4.4% and Balls +4.1%
  • Golf Datatech National Rounds Played Report with results through Jan 2022 is now available with US rounds down -12.1% Jan’22 and YTD compared to Jan’21.  To be added to the monthly email distribution list send your request to
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