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Distance Measuring Device

THE INFORMATION GAME: Golf Datatech, the industry’s leading market research company, recently conducted a study covering Distance Measuring Devices (DMD). It asked 1,500 golfers from its exclusive Serious Golfer database for some insights into the segment as a follow up to its initial 2011 study.

Back in 2011, only 64% of survey respondents said they had ever purchased a stand‐alone DMD (not an app, did they exist then?) for their own use. That number has now grown to 74% in 2013. According to the study, 29% of respondents have purchased a GPS in the past year, the same as in 2011 and suggesting minimal changes in market size (at least in terms of units). The average price paid dropped from $242 in 2011 to $229 in 2013, however the median for the category remained at $249. An overwhelming majority, 90% of users, feel having a DMD “probably” helps them play better. Wrist-worn GPS devices now account for about 8% of total usage and are by far the newest and fastest growing category, Golf Datatech said.

Where the study provides some interesting divergence is in the pace of play topic. Those who currently use them believe they speed up play and those who don’t use them are convinced they slow down play! Golf Datatech estimates the total stand-alone DMD market to be in the range of $200+ million with GPS units outselling Lasers by slightly less than 2 to 1 margin. Lasers products are continuing to increase as a percent of total sales, it said. For more information on the Distance Measuring Device Study contact: or click here .