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Golf Datatech Introduces BrandTrac™

Golf Datatech Introduces BrandTrac, Golf’s First Proprietary Online Marketing Tool Designed to Track & Report Golfer Opinions on Products and Brands

Through Alliance with DataRank™, Golf Datatech Now Brings the Golf Industry a New Technology.  Platform that Provides Unbiased, Real-Time Insight into the Mind of the Golfing Consumer

ORLANDO, Fla., June 24, 2013 … Golf Datatech, LLC, the golf industry’s leading independent  consumer, trade and retail market research company, today introduced BrandTrac™, a proprietary online golf marketing tool designed to track, evaluate and provide qualitative insights into consumer attitudes and opinions of the leading brands and products within the golf industry.

“Knowing how consumers think about your product or brand is very important, and in today’s world of immediate online commentary and critique, what they’re actually saying can significantly reach and influence more potential consumers beyond just the person making the comment,” said Golf Datatech’s Tom Stine. “BrandTrac is a software innovation created by DataRank that provides golf marketers an objective analysis of what golfers are saying about their products or brand. This technology provides a dashboard tool that can measure the volume of those comments and comparative data, and more importantly whether those comments are trending positively or negatively.”

BrandTrac is powered by Fayetteville, Ark.,-based DataRank™, an innovative social analytics company and leading developer of proprietary monitoring and diagnostic software which collects, processes, and prioritizes online conversations in an easy to use web dashboard. DataRank™ collects online conversations from across social networks, blogs, forums, reviews, and other sources to gauge the full online conversation directly from golfers. DataRank™ then processes every comment it collects and applies a quality score “data-ranking” to each comment. This ranking is used to prioritize the most useful and most influential comments into the dashboard, so that dashboard users, the golf marketers, don’t waste time sifting through undesirable data.

The BrandTrac DataRank™ Insights Dashboard allows a company to understand the number of posts being made about their products and brands, and the “sentiment” of each comment is classified as positive, negative, or neutral. The dashboard also provides full text of each comment to be able to read the actual comment and associative demographic information.  The uniquely designed dashboard updates the data daily, providing immediate evaluation of product, brand and/or marketing strategies.

“We are very excited to form this alliance with Golf Datatech to bring the BrandTrac software to the golf marketplace,” said Ryan Frazier, CEO, DataRank. “Thanks to the power of our DataRank technology, BrandTrac will be a game changer in providing golf marketers with unbiased, real-time insight into the mind of the golfing consumer.”

The BrandTrac online marketing tool further enhances Golf Datatech’s leadership position as the golf industry’s premier provider of consumer research, retail sales tracking and general trend analysis. In fact, Golf Datatech’s Retail Sales Reports have been the gold standard of the U.S. golf industry for the past 16 years and represent the only true measure of market share, average selling price, inventory and distribution of golf products in the world. Now, with BrandTrac, Golf Datatech will parlay its unique position to redefine online consumer research, providing marketers with a new innovative way to assess a company’s brand image and product popularity.

Adds Stine, “From products to brand imagery and from pricing to tour usage, BrandTrac will target those sites where golfers are most actively reviewing and commenting on golf brands and products, including general social media sites, golf media/commentary sources and retailer or manufacturer sites, among many others. In turn, the software tool will capture, analyze and report back on all consumer commentary and opinions, providing our Golf Datatech customers with qualitative insight that can truly help define the successes and failures of products and brands in a timely manner.”

For more information on the BrandTrac online marketing tool, please contact Golf Datatech at or call 888-944-4116.