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STANDING FIRM Spikeless Status Report


June 12, 2013…by Mike Stachura

The explosive growth in spikeless golf shoes might have reached a plateau in the first quarter of 2013, according to a new study by the research firm Golf Datatech. The question is whether it has hit a ceiling or is ready for another surge. The survey portrays a divided consumer.

Although spikeless shoes have a 35 percent market share (triple what it was in January 2011), the Golf Datatech study of 1,500 “serious golfers” shows that among the 90 percent who are aware of spikeless shoes, only 39 percent have purchased them. On the one hand, that’s an 18 percent increase from the same number last year. But of those who’ve never bought spikeless shoes, 45 percent still think they won’t “grip
the ground the same as shoes with cleats.” That’s slightly higher than last year’s survey. Still, nearly 90 percent of those who bought shoes without cleats said they were likely to buy them again. It seems both sides in the shoe game are maintaining their positions.