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Golf Datatech Releases 2013 Serious Golfers And Modern Media Study

Golf industry interest in first-ever study from 2012 prompts Golf Datatech to produce second version designed to capture the usage habits and perception of serious golfers toward today’s world of modern media

ORLANDO, Fla., October 15, 2013 … Golf Datatech, LLC (, the golf industry’s leading independent research firm for consumer, trade and retail golf trends, today released the results of the second Serious Golfers and Modern Media Study, which shows a wide range of shifting trends in media consumption. This comprehensive study of serious golfers’ evolving media habits includes their attitudes towards monthly and weekly print publications, network and cable golf television, Internet usage, digital golf weeklies, social networking, and newspapers.
The Serious Golfers and Modern Media Study explores the impact of emerging, new digital devices and properties, and how they are changing golf media consumption. The study’s results and recommendations are based on responses from 2,000 randomly selected golfers drawn from Golf Datatech’s exclusive Serious Golfer Database, and delved deep into their specific media habits, websites frequented, information sources and purchasing habits.
“Even though it has only been 18 months since the 2012 version of this study, the media landscape is evolving quickly,” said John Krzynowek, a partner at Golf Datatech. “Some of the changes are intuitive and follow the general U.S. macro trends we all read about, however, the serious golfer is not the same as the ‘average American’ when it comes to consuming mass and social media, and this study outlines where the differences lie.”
Key findings in the Serious Golfers and Modern Media Study include the following: • Television viewing remains high among serious golfers with The Golf Channel continuing to strengthen as a brand.  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio has become a part of the total media mix for golfers. • Social media networks continue to expand, but not in the same significance across all channels and all age groups of consumers. • Specific websites and social media sites have distinct advantages and attractions to serious golfers and they are different from the general population.
For more information on the Serious Golfers and Modern Media Study, or to order the study, call 888-944-4116 or click here.