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Social Media Mining helps get inside the minds of golfers

Golf Datatech L.L.C., an Orlando, Fla., research company, has launched BrandTrac, an online golf marketing tool designed to track, evaluate and provide qualitative insights into consumer attitudes and opinions of leading golf brands and products.

BrandTrac is powered by Fayetteville, Ark., analytics company DataRank.  DataRank collects online conversations from across social networks, blogs, forums, reviews and other sources to gauge the full online conversation directly from golfers.  DataRank then processes the comments and applies a quality score/data ranking to each comment.  This ranking is used to prioritize the most useful and most influential comments into the dashboard for golf marketers.

The BrandTrac DataRank Insights Dashboard is intended to allow a company to understand the number of posts being made about their products and brands.  The sentiment of each comment is classified as positive, negative or neutral.  The dashboard also provides full text of each comment to provide context and associative demographic information.  The dashboard updates the data daily, providing evaluation of product, brand and/or marketing strategies.