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Counting Headcovers


Aside from your driver and maybe your putter,
how many headcovers are in your bag? If
you said “two,” consider yourself average.
That’s according to the latest Golf Datatech
research on the attitudes of 1,000 golfers. It
found that the average golfer carried 1.9 fairway
woods, about the same it has been since
the summer of 2010. Thirty-six percent of
average golfers use only one, 20 percent
carry three or more and 4 percent don’t have
any fairway woods, the survey found. The
numbers line up by handicap, too. More than
50 percent of better players say they carry
only one fairway wood, and more than a
third of 20-handicappers have three or more
fairway woods in the bag. —Mike Stachura