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GLF_Stix_logo2013 Sales Data, So Far

‘GAME-IMPROVEMENT IRONS defy classification. They’re distance irons that don’t look like distance irons,” Callaway’s senior VP of R&D, Alan Hocknell, told Golf Digest recently. They’re also selling. Through 2013’s first nine months, iron sales had their best performance since 2008, Golf Datatech reports. In dollars, sales were 4 percent ahead of last year’s pace and showed double-digit gains over 2011, 2010 and 2009. One reason could be the emergence of clubs with thin, high-speed face designs, bringing some metalwood distance technology to irons. It might also be cyclical. Golf Datatech’s latest consumer-attitudes study suggests the average serious golfer buys a new set of irons every 5.2 years. —Mike Stachura