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Most major equipment makers say that tour use validates a club in the minds of consumers. Regarding drivers, the numbers seem to bear that out. According to tracking firm Golf Datatech, the five best-selling drivers in July were (alphabetically) Callaway’s X2 Hot; TaylorMade’s JetSpeed, RocketBallz Stage 2 and SLDR; and Titleist’s 913 series. Combined, these clubs accounted for about 50 percent of drivers sold on the course and off. On the PGA Tour, the five most-used drivers at last week’s Barclays event accounted for about half the drivers in play. Three clubs overlap the two lists—TaylorMade’s SLDR and Jet- Speed and Titleist’s 913 series—and Titleist’s 915 series isn’t officially in the market yet. The outlier? Nike’s VRS Covert 2.0, a driver Rory McIlroy has won two majors with but has yet to fully connect with consumers. —E. Michael Johnson