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GolfDigestix…March 25, 2015


A recent Golf Datatech study showed some interesting habits when it comes to golfers playing and buying golf balls. According to the survey, the average golfer buys about four dozen balls a year, but almost a fourth of all golfers buy six or more dozen. Curiously, almost the same percentage of single-digit players buy two dozen or fewer balls annually (17 percent) as buy 10 dozen or more balls (14 percent). The survey also asked golfers to rank four golfball attributes in their purchase decisions: feel, distance, spin and durability. As has been the case in recent years, feel was mentioned most often (53 percent), followed by distance (36 percent), spin (8 percent) and durability (3 percent). One trend that might be the most revealing is the amount golfers expect to spend on their next purchase of a dozen balls. In 2010, that figure was $29.01. Four years later, it was 15-percent higher: $33.44.—Mike Stachura