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GolfDigestix…June 24, 2015

[img]It might not be true in practice, but in theory golfers seem to be paying attention to the right part of their games. A recent Golf Datatech survey of 1,000 serious golfers (minimum of 16 rounds a year) indicated that nearly four in 10 say the critical part of the game for them is shots around the green. The 39 percent in the survey who cited the short game as “most important” was more than double those who chose “driver” (19 percent) or “putter” (19 percent). Although the short game was tops across all handicaps, a slight variation came in those above a 20-handicap, where the driver ranked fourth (8 percent) behind the putter (26 percent) and the short irons (14 percent). Golfers in the survey also say they’re practicing the right things, too. Forty-three percent were devoting most of their practice time to the short game or putting, and only 10 percent cited the driver as their main focus. —Mike Stachura