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It has always been the case that marketing drivers starts, and basically ends, with the idea of hitting it farther. But new research from Golf Datatech on the attitudes of serious golfers suggests straighter might be just as important. A thousand golfers who played a minimum of 16 rounds a year were asked to choose between a driver that helped them hit it farther or one that helped them hit it straighter, and 51 percent chose straighter. Oddly, more than any other group, it was single-digit handicaps (who presumably hit it the farthest of all golfers in the study) who wanted even more distance (55 percent) from their next driver. And it was high-handicappers (16 and above) who preferred more accuracy (61 percent). No less intriguing: 57 percent of the golfers surveyed said they found manufacturer claims about more distance in their new driver “somewhat” to “very” believable. —Mike Stachura