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2016 Serious Golfers & Social Media…a continuation of the recently released Multi-Media Evolution Study

The 2015 Multi-Media Evolution Study investigated the evolving media landscape facing Serious Golfers, and focused primarily on one-way communication platforms such as print, television, digital, and online.  The 2015 study only scratched the surface with regards to social media, leading Golf Datatech to supplement the earlier work with this new report, the 2016 Serious Golfers & Social Media study.  This new research project takes a deep dive into how serious golfers utilize social media to engage with their peers and interact with the leading golf brands.

Topics covered include: experiences & usage of social media, content engagement & sharing, posting frequency, contests & promotions, ad re-targeting, customer service inquiries, second screen layering experiences, and much more, including select crosstabs by age and gender.

Methodology  Over 1,200 Golf Datatech Serious Golfers participated in this online research study, with 1,043 qualifying as users of Social Media.

Report Table of Contents 

Social Media Research Results – Age & Gender cross tabs where relevant & unique

ExperiencesImportance of Social Media, Primary Reasons for Using, Effectiveness of Golf Companies

UsageDaily Social Media usage, Hours Used per Week, Time of Day Used

Engagement and SharingLevel & Motivation of Engagement/Sharing, Clicking Links, Following & Loyalty

Posting FrequencyOptimum posting frequency for companies, Unfollowing brands on social media

AdvertisingClicking Paid Ads, Facebook/Twitter Ad Impact, Clicking social media buttons on webpages

Ad Retargeting Awareness, Comfort level, Effect on Purchase Decisions

Customer Service Inquiries Usage and Experiences

Contests and Promotions Participation, Effectiveness

Second Screen Layered Experience Level of Participation, Device, Platforms, Live Golf, Call to Action

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