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Golf Datatech Releases 2016 Study on Distance Devices

The Study Suggests Category Sales have peaked, however market is still larger than wedges, about the same size as putters.

Golf Datatech recently completed the fourth study of the Distance Device Industry, completing and releasing the 2016 data alongside comparisons to 2015, 2013, and 2011.  The report includes estimates of the size of the market (in units and dollars) broken down by device type (laser, Hand Held GPS, and Wrist Worn GPS) as well as consumer attitudes about usage of the devices.

“After several years of brisk growth the Distance Device market has matured” said John Krzynowek, a Partner in Golf Datatech LLC.  “Multiple factors have caused a slow down in sales, including broad acceptance of the devices among golfers, so new growth will have to come from repeat purchases and not first time buyers, as well as lower average selling prices and significant promotional pricing activity, all adding up to pressure building for new, innovative designs and technology.”

Hand held Lasers have remained at premium prices and are perceived as having superior accuracy compared to GPS devices, however not all golfers need the high level of sophistication/precision provided by Lasers.  “Better players gravitate toward Lasers because their accuracy aligns with the skill level of lower handicaps” said Krzynowek, “however higher handicaps are more likely to prefer the convenience and ease of use of some of the GPS devices, like the wrist worn devices.”

Topics covered by the Research Study include:

-Estimates of the size of the market in units and dollars

-Estimates of market share by leading brand/device type

-Estimates of total market share by leading brand

-Indications of possible Future Growth in the Marketplace

Consumer Attitudes:

-What is accuracy (in terms of the golfers perceptions)?

-Which DMD’s are most accurate?

-What brands do you perceive as most accurate?

-What brands/type of device do you use most often?

-What brands are you aware of?

-What distances do you use DMD’s from?

-Use of Smart Phone Apps as Distance Devices

-Consumer Satisfaction with DMD’s

-Devices purchased over the past year?

-Channels where DMD’s are purchased, intent to purchase?

-Shopping habits when considering purchase of DMD’s?  Online shopping?  Online Purchasing?

-Future Purchase Expectations?

-What are golfers looking for in their next DMD?

-Purchase Funnel=Brand Awareness, Brand Consideration, Brand Preference, and Brand to Purchase

If you have questions about the report contact Golf Datatech, LLC, 888-944-4116 or click here to learn more or purchase.