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2016 BIIG® Brand Study

Golf Datatech, LLC Completes The Brand Identity In Golf Study (BIIG), Golf’s First Comprehensive Report On The Top Brands In Today’s MarketplaceBIIG Study covers 19 major brands in golf, across all equipment and apparel product categories, capturing 2,100 serious golfers in the US and their brand perceptions, and attitudes

ORLANDO, Fla., September 6, 2016 … Golf Datatech, LLC (GDT), the golf industry’s leading independent market research and strategic business consulting firm, today announced the completion of The Brand Identity in Golf (BIIG) Study, the first comprehensive report ever conducted on the major brands in the golf industry. In producing the study, GDT enlisted 2,100 Serious Golfers in the US – those who play the most rounds and spend the most money – for their perceptions and attitudes about golf’s major brands.

As the centerpiece of the study, and what truly makes this unique to the golf industry, is that the 2016 BIIG Study covers the top 19 brands in golf, encompassing all equipment and apparel product categories, and compares consumer perceptions to category retail market shares as measured by Golf Datatech’s monthly sell thru data, providing insights which can’t be drawn from any other source.

“This study is a first-of-its-kind, and we expect the results will surprise many across all sectors of the golf industry,” said Golf Datatech’s John Krzynowek. “Through the years brands have moved up and down the food chain, some driven by innovation and technology, others by success on the professional tours, and some by product breakthroughs or creative marketing programs, but there’s never been a project like this one, investigating attitudes and perceptions of the top brands, and what are the market share implications of how these brands are perceived.”

The 2016 BIIG Report serves to answer a number of questions while revealing critical insights & perceptions that impact the entire golf industry, including:
• Which new brands are gaining traction?
• Are established brands becoming dated?
• What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the leading golf brands?

Krzynowek adds, “A brand is a real asset, and successful brands extend well beyond simple product features and benefits. The BIIG Study drills down into the essence of golf’s big brands and explores their impact on driving sales and market share.”

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