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Golf Datatech Unveils Retail Market Reports For Distance Measuring Device Category

ORLANDO, Fla., January 23, 2017 … Golf Datatech, LLC, the golf industry’s largest independent market research company, has unveiled proprietary retail market share reports covering the rapidly expanding Distance Measuring Device (DMD) market in the United States.

“The distance measuring device category has grown exponentially over the past five years as these devices have become an integral piece of equipment for all golfers,” said Golf Datatech’s Tom Stine. The reports will cover both the On Course and Off Course markets in the U.S. beginning with the January 2017 report.

Stine adds, “We have been tracking these devices in the United Kingdom for the past year and now will have monthly data in the U.S. covering both Laser and GPS devices,” said Stine. “Perhaps surprising to many is the continued popularity of these devices, as the size of this market has grown to exceed or equal both the putter and wedge markets in total annual sales.”

Similar to Golf Datatech’s other retail reports, the DMD monthly reports will breakout each brand and the major models of each brand. The reports will have data for the On-Course market, the Off-Course market and the combined markets. Among the data attained from the reports is counting the actual number of each brand sold in On and Off Course retail shops from Golf Datatech’s statistical sample of the national golf market, while also determining each brand’s actual market share.

“The development of DMD devices, both Laser and GPS, has been a boon for golf retailers and golfers over the past six years,” adds Stine. “Golfers have come to appreciate having exact yardage before hitting every shot. Depending on their playing level they may not be able to hit the exact distance, but clearly they gain confidence in knowing the correct distance.”

For more information on the Distance Measuring Device Retail Market Reports, contact Tom Stine at or call 888-944-4116.