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Golf Datatech Unveils “Assessing the Pyramid 2019” 

A Comprehensive Investigation Into The Pyramid of Influence

Key Questions Answered in 2019 Edition Include: Does the Pyramid Still Matter?  How Influential are the Best Players?  How do Serious Golfers Gather Information Prior to Equipment Purchases?  What is the Current Economic Status of the Serious Golfer?  Did the Great Recession Leave an Indelible Mark on the Industry? And Much More.

Golf Datatech, LLC, the golf industry’s leading independent research firm for consumer, trade and retail golf trends, today unveiled the third edition of the Company’s comprehensive study, Assessing the Pyramid 2019, investigating the relevance of the “Pyramid of Influence,” which for decades has formed the foundation upon which golf equipment companies marketed and sold their products. The 2019 study investigates not only the Traditional Pyramid by handicap levels, but also digs into other potential means for segmentation.

Assessing the Pyramid 2019 is based upon 3,000 responses from Golf Datatech’s proprietary database of serious golfers, those who play the most rounds and spend the most on the game, with the average respondent playing over 60 rounds per year, and having a household income of over $156,000 per year.

“With over 3,000 Serious Golfers responding, this third edition of Assessing the Pyramid represents something of a marketing encyclopedia for the industry,” said John Krzynowek, Partner, Golf Datatech, LLC. “For decades, the Pyramid of Influence has been an established management tool, driving the product, communications, and promotional plans of most major golf brands.  The essence of the Pyramid is that golfers of every skill level aspire to improve and to be better at the game, and regardless of their level, they look up to those that play at levels above them.”

Highlights of the study focus on comparisons of attitudes and opinions from the pinnacle of the Pyramid (lowest handicap range), to the base, where higher handicap players represent the foundation.  Because the sample size is substantial, the data is segmented not only the Traditional Pyramid of Influence but various Influencers including: Leading Edge Innovators, Alpha Buyers (High frequency purchasers), Opinion Influencers and Brand Loyalty, as well as tradition Golf-o-graphic cross tabs including:  Income Age, Facility Played and Gender.  The data examination focuses on, driver, iron, golf ball and shoe brand current usage, purchase prices and frequency, preferred retail channels, purchase triggers, shopping behaviors, brand loyalty, media perceptions and more.

Krzynowek adds, “Brands that utilize the ‘Pyramid’ in their marketing believe that developing successful golf brands starts with excellent product and service that performs at the highest level of play by the very best players. In turn, those players influence and spread the word among the other levels of the game.  Results from the 2019 data suggest that the Traditional Pyramid is still relevant, however we are seeing fundamental changes in how the mid and higher handicaps are behaving with regards to purchasing golf equipment.”

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