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Golf Datatech Unveils 2019 Distance Measuring Device (DMD) Study

Kissimmee, Fla., November 22, 2019 … Golf Datatech, LLC, the golf industry’s leading independent research firm for consumer, trade and retail golf trends, today unveiled a comprehensive study covering the Distance Measuring Device (DMD) market in the United States, including estimates of total market size by key product sub-category, which is exclusive to Golf Datatech.

“Golf Datatech is the only company in the world that has insights into US retail sales of DMD’s, and combining that data with our in depth understanding of consumer attitudes and practices places us in a unique position to project the full market,” said John Krzynowek, Partner, Golf Datatech, LLC.

Today, the DMD category has grown from a small niche product used only by very good players 15 years ago, to being an essential part of almost every golfer’s equipment list. Based on the results from this study, Golf Datatech estimates that over 90% of Serious Golfers use a distance device, and the majority use one every time they play. In fact, the total DMD market is roughly equal to the size of the putter market in dollar sales.

Krzynowek adds, “One of the most significant challenges for both manufacturers and retailers of DMDs is that they are almost made too well. They are very accurate, rarely malfunction and don’t easily wear out.  Getting current users to buy a new DMD to replace an older model is challenging, but we do see a portion of existing users buying new product.  However, changing the market dynamic to get large numbers of users to replace their current DMD has been difficult to pull off thus far.”

The 2019 edition represents the fifth edition studying the DMD market, surveying over 1,500 Serious Golfers from the Company’s exclusive database every wave, and tracking golfers use, attitudes, and preferences on all devices sold in the category.  Product categories covered in depth include Lasers, Hand Held GPS and Wrist Worn GPS devices, as well as top line looks at how golfers user SmartWatches and SmartPhone Apps.

Concludes Krzynowek, “As DMD technology advances, we believe smart watches with golf apps are the product category to keep an eye on for potential upside. However, they too have issues to overcome, such as having a small face that is difficult for some golfers to read.”

The 200+ page Distance Measuring Device Study is now available.  To learn more or to purchase click HERE.