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Understanding the Online Market for Golf Equipment

New for 2021 from Golf Datatech. Gain insights into the ever-evolving world of Online purchases of golf equipment.

The Online Market for Golf Equipment continues to evolve in 2021, after accelerating during the pandemic of 2020. In the early months of the pandemic, retail stores (including green grass pro shops) in many, if not most, of the United States were closed to retail traffic. Eventually some opened up as cases dropped, then others closed as cases mounted again, then re-opened, leaving much of the Brick & Mortar US retail business in disarray.

Through this wild ride, online retail sales became the primary means for getting golf equipment, before traditional channels reopened. Though the increase in online sales rose, then fell back as stores opened, they have remained at higher levels than pre-pandemic. This is not only true for golf, but for all retail sales.  In fact, the percentage of total US retail sales happening online in 2021 is the level most experts believed the country would not reach until 2025, but spurred on by the pandemic and closures, the landscape quickly reformed.

Golf Datatech (GDT) is creating a two-part Online Tracking System to offer you clarity on this blurry retail window. We’re going to do this in two formats, one for the Consumer, one for Retail.

Online Tracker Consumer (OTC)

Golf Datatech’s Consumer OTC will use GDT’s exclusive Serious Golfer database to track the timely online shopping and purchasing habits for Balls, Clubs, Bags, Shoes, Gloves and Distance Devices.

This report conducted twice per year (April and October) will help define the online purchases for Serious Golfers in the past six months.  It will segment:

  • Equipment product categories purchased over the past six months
  • Brands purchased/Consumer Market Shares by this channel
  • New or pre-owned clubs
  • Whether products were personalized or customized
  • Online sites where purchases were made
  • Price paid for purchases made online

Online Tracker – Retail (OTR)

The Retail OTR will utilize GDT’s Monthly retail sales data to create an Online Retail Sales Index for: Balls, Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putters, Shoes, Bags, Gloves and Distance Devices. The index tracks sales dollars through online golf specialty stores and is indexed to January 2020.

Each month GDT will release to subscribers the OTR by product category, along with a monthly trend line starting with January 2020 (pre-covid). This will be strictly a Category Index, no individual companies will be listed. It will give you a timeline perspective on the overall online golf retail value by category.

Annual Subscription Cost

Online Tracker – Consumer:  $6,000/year for 2x Consumer Studies, minimum of 1,000 total respondents/wave

Online Tracker – Retail:  $6.000/year for 12x Indices across nine product categories (All Equipment Categories:  Balls, Gloves, Shoes, Bags, Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putters, Distance Devices)

Combined Consumer & Retail OTC Package:  $9,000