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Golf Datatech & Atenga Insights To Host First-Annual “Predictive Pricing & Demand” Webinar For Golf Industry Executives on Thursday, July 15th

“Invite-Only” Virtual Event to Inform Golf Companies on Critical Product Pricing to Heighten Awareness for Optimal Pricing Levels

Kissimmee, Fla., June 15, 2021 – Golf Datatech, LLC, the golf industry’s leading independent market research firm for retail sales, consumer, and trade trends, and Atenga Insights, a Stockholm, Sweden-based leader in global pricing research, will host the First-Annual “Predictive Pricing & Demand” Webinar for golf industry executives on Thursday, July 15th at 2:00 pm (ET).

A FREE event, the 45-miniute webinar will provide insights into how critical product pricing can eliminate the guess work and give golf companies the confidence that their products are optimally priced for maximum revenue and profitability.

Anyone interested in participating in the virtual event can contact Golf Datatech at 888-944-4116, or email Suzanne Cagle at, to obtain a webinar entry code.

The webinar, which will be hosted by Golf Datatech Partner John Krzynowek and Atenga CEO Robert Tinterov, will illustrate several real-world examples from the golf industry on the benefits of predicative pricing analysis, and the importance of companies to identify price walls, which are key price points that when breached cause a steep dollar volume drop. Price Walls can cause a corresponding stall in unit volume when products are significantly underpriced.

“We are holding this important event as part of the rollout of Predictive Demand Analysis (PDA) Platform, in order to give companies all possible revenue advantages heading into the fall of 2021, and the uncertainty of the post-pandemic golf market,” said John Krzynowek, Partner, Golf Datatech. “We think it’s highly beneficial for golf companies to get the best fix possible on their product pricing parameters heading into 2022.”

Krzynowek adds, “The recent sea change in pricing research, spearheaded by our partner Atenga Insights, means Golf Datatech can now provide a predictive pricing product that will allow golf companies of all sizes to reduce the guess work and have a high level of confidence that their products or services are optimally priced for maximum sales and profit. We will use the webinar to discuss the analysis in detail and why this new platform is so important to the golf industry.”

The new Predictive Pricing & Demand Platform, powered by Atenga Insights provides golf companies, in both the U.S. and Internationally, with leading edge, AI-powered, proven predictive pricing research that can be completed within a matter of weeks. Through this platform, golf companies of all sizes, both domestically and internationally, can eliminate the guess work and have confidence that their products are optimally priced for maximum revenue and profitability.

Predictive pricing research is an essential resource for golf companies in today’s highly competitive marketplace, especially with online sales having a significant impact on many product categories. In fact, it is reported that just a 3% increase in price can boost a company’s bottom line by 30% or more.

For more information on Golf Datatech and the Predictive Pricing & Demand Platform, powered by Atenga Insights, or to register for the webinar, call 888-944-4116 or email Suzanne Cagle at to obtain a webinar entry code.


About Atenga Insights

Atenga Insights is a data driven, AI-powered, predictive pricing platform that is quickly disrupting the staid billion dollar pricing consulting industry.  By coupling its own proprietary approach with newly available real time research tools, that enable highly relevant and precise panels, Atenga Insights is able to guarantee accurate pricing guidance in six weeks or less and for as little as $25,000.  The approach has already been proven in close to one thousand different client situations resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental profit.