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Golf Datatech Introduces 8th Edition of Exclusive Report on the Evolution of Custom Fitting Golf Equipment in the United States

An in-depth look at all aspects of custom fitting, including a deep dive into the leading Custom

Fitting Specialists, Golfer Satisfaction with the Process, and How Shafts and Grips are Faring

 Kissimmee, Fla., July 6, 2021 – Golf Datatech, LLC (, the golf industry’s leading independent market research firm for retail sales and consumer trends, today introduced the 8th Edition of its exclusive report on the Evolution of Custom Fitting Golf Equipment in the United States.

“Golf Datatech started analyzing this category well before it developed into what it is today,” said John Krzynowek, Partner at Golf Datatech. “We took our first look at custom fitting in 2001, before digital data or interchangeable shafts/heads were even invented. Now in its 8th Edition, the report is the only independent chronicle of how the business has evolved and provides thorough insights into golfers perceptions of the category as it continues to surge in the US.”

The Evolution of Custom Fitting Golf Equipment in the United States takes an in-depth look at every aspect of fitting, including insights into perceptions of fittings in drivers, fairways, hybrids, wedges, irons, putters, and golf balls, as well as attitudes about various shaft and grip options.  This 200+ page report analyzes responses from close to 1,500 total respondents, of which 72% have been fit for at some point during their golfing lives.

Adds Krzynowek, “Custom fitting has changed significantly through the years, advancing from static measurement of physical attributes, to dynamic fitting where swing path and motion played a part in selecting the best possible combination, to the current focus on data driven analysis which advances the ability to offer multiple options quickly and easily. Trained fitters can now see “the numbers” in real time and adjust specifications on the spot to best fit the golfer’s swing and skill set.”

Beyond analyzing those that have been fit, the report also suggests that golfers who have never been fit have what could best be described as an “inferiority complex”, and frequently believe they are “not good enough” to benefit. However, good fitters indicate that these are often the golfers who could gain the most by playing the proper equipment that was fit to address their swing characteristics.

For the first time, the 2021 report dives into individual national fitting operations and their impact, looking at share of fitting and customer satisfaction with the experience. Generally speaking, golfer satisfaction with the custom fitting remains at stratospheric levels, and some of the larger fitting operations are particularly good at meeting expectations and keeping customers happy.

“While the overwhelming focus of fitting remains in drivers and irons, the data shows opportunities for fitting do exist in fairways, hybrids, wedges, putters and golf balls,” said Krzynowek. “However, thus far no one has been able to unlock these categories and drive fitting to significantly higher levels.”

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