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Retail Sales Update for Apparel Category

Golf Apparel continues to bounce back, ahead of 2020 levels but still well below 2019 levels.  The closures and restrictions associated with the pandemic in 2020 significantly impacted sales of golf apparel, particularly in the Green Grass channel, which is by far the largest segment.  While we are certain that some of the supply chain issues are negatively impacting 2021 sales, we still believe the rest of 2021 will trend positively for Golf Apparel.


👉 The Total Golf Apparel category for September continues to percolate at a high level vs. 2021 (+10% for the month vs. 2020) and vs. 2019 (+17%).  On a YTD basis, total sales continue to be well ahead of 2020 but well off 2019 levels.

👉 The Golf Shirt categories, either Men’s or Women’s, were the big winners for September ‘21, driven by Green Grass shops which suffered the most in 2020 due to a lack of demand from consumers as well as a lack of fresh inventory that was being well merchandised.

👉 The most sluggish categories in September were both Men’s and Women’s Tops, which characteristically sell best during periods of less than ideal weather.  However, in 2020, sales of Tops expanded substantially even with above average weather, as more and more golfers continued to play golf into the fall.  During a “normal” year, pre-pandemic, many golfers would put away the sticks when fall sports (like the NFL, College and High School football) kicked in, however in 2020 many traditional activities didn’t happen, so golfers bought the apparel they needed to play in cooler/wetter weather.