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Retail Sell Thru for October 2021

The retail sell through data is now out for October 2021.  Seven out of 9 product categories had higher sales in October of 2021 than 2020, and all 9 were up vs. 2019.

Golf Shoes and Golf Balls were the fastest growing product categories in October (both up 18%+), while Wedges and Irons were both lower.

On-Off Course Oct’21 vs ’19 UNIT SALES:  Bags +40.4%; Footwear +19.3%; Gloves +17.7% and Distance Devices + 50.2%

On-Off Course Oct’21 vs ’19 DOLLARS:  Irons +39.6.0%; Woods +65.7%; Wedges +31.3%; Putters +63.3% and Balls +58.3%

Retail Sales of golf equipment were up for the 15th month out of 16, continuing to flourish even in the face of extreme challenges in getting raw materials and components to build finished goods.  Sales for the month were up over 5% compared to 2020 and 55% above 2019 levels.  Other than blip in July (-1%), we’ve actually seen an acceleration in spending on equipment the last few months.  At some point the year over year gains will stop, but for the time being demand for golf equipment continues strong.