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No Slowdown for Golf Equipment

Retail sell thru data has now been published for November 2021 at a point where sales are now up almost 35% vs. 2020 and 44% vs. 2021.

Total Equipment sales continue to grow vs. the same month last year: up over 2% for November, and over 64% vs. 2019

On the latest numbers, Golf Datatech co-founder John Krzynowek said, “We haven’t seen any significant slowdown in demand for golf equipment thus far in ‘21.  Demand continues to exceed the ability of manufacturers to produce and ship product.  To top it off, there was a November spike in demand vs. same month last year for distance devices (+21%) and golf bags (+19%), potentially due to the desire to buy holiday presents early before stock was depleted.  Given the state of the supply chain and inventories, it was an appropriate response, as many of the more coveted items are in short supply.”

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