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Final Figures for 2021 Retail Apparel Sales

The last numbers from 2021 relating to the retail apparel market are published today.  Overall, total golf apparel sales were up 32.8% vs 2020.  The pandemic impacted sales from 2020 with every individual category up double digits. The leading categories were men’s and women’s shirts, +38.0% and +38.7% respectively.

Compared to 2019, which was the last ‘normal’ year before the pandemic, sales were up 14.0% which indicates there was a significant increase in baseline golf apparel sales.

Says Golf Datatec co-founder, John Krzynowek:

“Green Grass Golf Shops represent close to 3/4 of all golf apparel sold, and pro shops didn’t see the same positive bounce in the back half of 2020 that equipment did because they were not allowing people to browse, shop or try on products like they were used to. However, in 2021, sales were up significantly, rising well above pre-pandemic levels.  Golf course pro shops are buzzing again, average selling prices (ASP’s) are up across most apparel categories and sales are at all-time highs. Golf apparel in 2021 is another golf success story”.