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Rounds Played Data and Commentary January 2022

The numbers for Rounds Played in the US during January are out this week. The three-page report contains year over year results for eight regions, most states and several metropolitan areas. US rounds were down -12.1% January 2022 & YTD when compared to January 2021.

January 2022 proved to be a tough first month for rounds played, which were down over 12% vs. year ago.  While the desert climates (Palm Springs and Phoenix) enjoyed large increases in play due to good weather, that was offset by sharp declines in the Southeast and several of the other Pacific coast markets.

In a month as small as January is, with so few geographic markets open, any significant weather incidents can have a substantial effect on rounds played.

Both January 2020 and January 2021 enjoyed above average weather patterns for playing the game.  So, while no one likes to get off on the wrong foot, January results for rounds do not correlate nor prove to be a particularly good predictive tool for total year results.