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Weather Stops Play in April’s Rounds Played

Golf Datatech releases April rounds played study







Rounds played were down broadly across most of the US in April, and thus far rounds have declined by nearly 10% on a Year-to-Date basis.  While no one likes to blame weather for a poor showing, a very wet and cool April across the northern tier delayed a lot of course openings and kept golfers off the links.  April is always a transition month, and some years the weather is great for playing, and other years, like 2022, are less than ideal and delay the start of the season.

april 2022 US round played year to date







On top of poor weather, we are undoubtedly losing some rounds to golfers returning to pre-pandemic activities with their families, going into the office and reducing the ability to play during the week, traveling for work or leisure, etc.  It’s going to be a real challenge for the industry to hang within 5%-10% of the 2021 levels, which were nearly all-time highs for rounds.  However, we remain well above 2019 levels as we head into the heart of the golf season.

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