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Good Outlook for Rounds Despite Precipitation

Golf Datetech rounds played report for May 2022

The latest Golf Datatech National Rounds Played Report with results for May 2022 is published today with news that US rounds were down -6.8% May 2022 and down -8.7% when compared to May 2021.

Said GDT co-founder, John Krzynowek, “While rounds played for May were down 6.8%, there were multiple factors impacting play for the month.  First and foremost, 2 of the regions that play the most golf, the west coast and the southeast, had to deal with substantial precipitation in May, negatively impacting play.  While at the same time, Americans across the land are re-engaging with what used to be considered “normal” activities as they move past Covid concerns.  Overall, year to date rounds remain healthy and ahead of pre-pandemic levels by over 8%, but trail 2021 by close to 9%”.

The three-page report contains year over year results for eight regions, all states and several metropolitan areas.