TaylorMade celebrates boom in white metalwoods

TaylorMade’s market share in metalwoods has increased dramatically in 2011. Combining sales of the new white-headed metalwoods (which includes the Burner SuperFast 2.0) and the older TaylorMade metalwoods with dark heads, the company’s most recent market share in units was 35.7 percent, while its dollar share was 41 percent as measured by Golf Datatech, the golf industry’s authoritative source of sales and inventory figures. To read the full story click here.

Golf Datatech Putter Category Study takes detailed look at declining sales

Between 2008 and mid-2011 the putter market contracted substantially in both units and dollars. The lack of any significant growth in sales of the “most used” club in the bag has become a concern to manufacturers.

The study uses Golf Datatech’s exclusive database of Serious Golfers to develop insights into the current state of the putter marketplace with responses from 2,000 serious golfers via the online study.

The study gains insights into the consumer’s current perspectives on the putter market, including but not limited to:

  • Is the current sales malaise due to a perceived lack of product innovation and technological breakthroughs?
  • Have higher prices (Average Selling Price of Putters are up 50% over the past decade) negatively impacted consumer demand during these difficult economic times?
  • Has there been a significant shift in channel importance in putters? With the increased importance of the sporting goods channel have serious golfers changed their purchase behavior on putters?
  • What “triggers” the desire to purchase a new putter? How important is technology? The Tours? Alignment? Feel?  Design?
  • Which brands are positioned to benefit the most from the possible recovery in golf equipment sales?

The study was released in October 2011 and may be purchased for $3,500 by clicking here or calling Golf Datatech at 1-888-944-4116 or emailing info@golfdatatech.com .

Distance Measuring Device (DMD) Category Scores High Marks In Golf Datatech Study

Golf Datatech has released the first-ever Distance Measuring Device (DMD) Study, revealing a marketplace that is potentially $190 million in annual sales across all retail channels in the U.S., making it larger than the golf putter market.

Golf’s fastest growing equipment category, the DMD market is represented by hand-held GPS rangefinders, laser devices and smart phone applications. The Distance Measuring Device Study was conducted in the Spring of 2011, with Golf Datatech surveying nearly 1,800 golfers from an exclusive database representing 5-6 million serious golfers, or 20% of the top golfing population who embody roughly 80% of the golf retail purchasing market. As 1,448 of the respondents currently use a DMD, with 13% having purchased a device in the past year, the study asked these “hardcore” golfers not only about their purchase habits and usage levels when it comes to DMDs, but also expanded on their attitudes and opinions toward the category.

Key findings of the study show that hand-held GPS rangefinders out-sell lasers by a 2-1 ratio, with the average selling price of a DMD between $240 and $249. Among the serious golfer respondents, 43% favored hand-held GPS rangefinders, as compared to 28% for lasers. However, 51% of the respondents stated that laser devices are more accurate than hand-held GPS rangefinders. Additionally, while about two-thirds of the serious golfers surveyed in the study utilize smart phones, less than one-half of those have downloaded/purchased a DMD phone application. Among the most interesting findings in the study, 30% of all respondents stated that exact yardage from their ball to the target was “extremely important,” while an additional 64% said it was “important.” Further, 68% of the respondents who utilize DMDs believe the device speeds up the place of play.

In estimating the size of the DMD market, Golf Datatech states that conservative estimates range from $130 million to $175 million, but could be as high as the $180-$190 million range, which is bigger than golf’s putter market at On and Off Course channels. Golf Datatech’s market analysis is based on multiple methodologies and input from a variety of industry sources, including sales data from many leading golf retailers (On and Off Course), estimates from leading manufacturers of DMDs and estimates of consumer data taken from survey respondents.

The comprehensive 2011 Distance Measuring Device Study, now available for $1500, is a 132-page report covering golf’s fastest growing equipment category and includes a Study Overview; Objective & Methodology; Executive Summary & Observations; and Golfographics. For more information or to order a study, call 888-944-4116 or visit www.golfdatatech.com.