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Want to know what golfers think about your products, or why they eventually buy your brand?  What publications they read or which media they use to keep up with golf news?

Our Consumer Insights help golf businesses to delve deeper into purchasing behavior, motivations and customer attitudes, enabling golf manufacturers to make decisions that appeal directly to their target markets.

An Understanding you Won't Find Anywhere Else

Our unique Serious Golfer Panel comprises close to 50,000 dedicated players who take part in our surveys across a wide variety of golf topics.

The Serious Golfer Panel is comprised of passionate golfers who average 50 golf rounds each year and consume around 75% of all golf equipment sold in the U.S.


Consumer Research Studies

Each year, we conduct dozens of new syndicated Consumer Research reports, including insights into brands, media, retailers, equipment, apparel and so much more.

Our syndicated Consumer Insights will help you make the right strategic decisions to steer your company to success and grow the business.

Talk to us about survey insights created specifically for your business, or select from the studies below to learn more and make a purchase.

"Our panel of 50,000 avid golfers represents the part of the market that drives the majority of spend across the U.S. marketplace".

Suzanne Cagle


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Evolution of Custom Fitting Golf Equipment in the United States 2023 study

Custom Fitting of Golf Equipment (2023)

If you’re in the business of selling golf equipment, either as a manufacturer or retailer, this exciting new study will help you to understand how golfers view the experience today, and their expectations for tomorrow.

The implications of LIV golf research by Golf Datatech

Implication of LIV Golf on the Tours, Players and Equipment Brands (2022)

The first-ever perception study to focus on LIV Golf and how the events are being received by Serious Golfers in America.

Gambling in Golf study by Golf Datatech

Gambling on Golf: Wagering on the Game (2022)

A new study delivering unique insights into the current state of gambling on golf.

Golf Product Attitude and Useage Golf Datatech Study

Golf Product Attitude and Usage (Bi-Annual Since 1999)

Compelling insights into consumer perceptions of ball and club brands, golf clubs, marketing and media.

Purchasing and shopping habits of serious golfers research by Golf Datatech

Serious Golfer Shopping and Purchasing Habits (2022)

A deep dive into the shopping and purchasing behaviors of avid golfers across various retail channels.

purchasing power of women in golf

Purchasing Power of Women in Golf (2021)

A deep dive into the size of the women’s golf market, estimated at more than $1.5 billion for equipment and apparel.

golf apparel study golf datatech 2020

Golf Apparel Study (2020)

Helping apparel companies to make smart decisions about selling and elevating their brand

assessing the pyramid golf datatech study

Assessing the Pyramid (2019)

How do serious golfers evaluate new technology, gather information on new products and technology? What influences them to purchase?