Golf Equipment Quick Fire Questions

Based on June 2023 Retail Sales Data for Equipment

Q:  Have Golf Equipment sales slowed down?

A:  While Golf Equipment sales are off all-time high levels in May of 2023, it was still the third largest May in the history, trailing only 2021 and 2022, and this most recent month was 31% higher than 2019.

Q:  During the height of the pandemic the retailers struggled to have inventory on many of the better selling products, how much has that improved?

A:  Inventories are back to “normal” levels in most product categories, however it’s worth noting that the foundation of some products have changed, and not always due to pandemic.  As we have noted in prior posts, as more and more golf clubs are custom fit, it requires retailers to carry less finished goods inventory.

Q:  How is the Green Grass doing in equipment sales compared to the Off Course Specialty and the Online?

A:  As one might expect, the various channels are in very different places YTD thru May.  On-course golf shop sales thru the first five months are up 6%, riding the success of golf ball sales (+21%), while the off-course is down 8%, and online sales are +3%. 

Q:  Other than golf balls, are any other product category having a good year in 2023?

A:  Golf gloves are the only other product category growing in 2023, up a little over 1% YTD thru May.  Given that rounds played are up almost 6% for the first five months of the year, it’s not surprising that the products that correlate with play are doing the best.  If you’re out playing the game, you are losing golf balls and wearing out your golf glove, so those categories continue to benefit from the overall health of the game.