New Video: John and Phil Dive into Custom Fitting

John Krzynowek and Phil Barnard

“Custom fitting is about creating a great experience. If you can deliver that, you can expect golfers to buy your clubs” (John Krzynowek)

In this new video, UK golf data expert and European partner of Golf Datatech (GDT), Phil Barnard, talks to GDT’s co-founder John Krzynowek about the the fast-changing, and increasingly important custom fitting category.

– What does custom fitting really offer golf businesses?

– Is custom fitting here to stay?

– Does custom fitting for clubs add value, and what is the perceived value for golfers?

– How does UK custom fitting differ to the US experience?

If you’re in the business of selling golf equipment, either as a manufacturer or retailer, this discussion will help you to understand how golfers view the experience today, and their expectations for tomorrow.

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