Pricing and Demand Analysis


Golf Datatech has partnered with leading Swedish pricing consultancy, Atenga Insights, to develop a new artificial intelligence-driven (AI) platform for the golf industry.

Price and Demand research not only indicates the optimal price point for both profits and revenue for any product or service, but also highlights potential price inflection points, or “price walls”.

Identifying and understanding price walls is critical to maximizing sales and profit. Push too far with a price increase and unit volume may plummet. Leave a price below the optimum and you’re leaving money on the table.


Our Predictive Pricing Demand Analysis will help you to optimize sales and minimize risks

Phil Barnard, Partner



Price walls are unique to every brand and vary within each product’s life cycle, which is why they need to be measured.

Whether your company makes or sells balls, clubs, shoes, gloves, apparel, bags, trolleys, distance devices, tee times, custom fitting sessions or any other goods or service within the golf industry, a Predictive Pricing Demand Analysis allows you to maximize sales and profits, while minimizing the risks associated with making an incorrect decision.

For Serious Business

Utilizing Golf Datatech’s Serious Golf Database of over 50,000 active and avid golfers, we can significantly reduce both the cost and turnaround time of a given survey to 4-5 weeks instead of months.

More importantly, this real time relevancy means that what was once viewed as an academic endeavor by insulated staffers, is now a key operating tool of brand champions with P&L responsibility.

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