Everything You Need for Data Driven Decisions


Imagine understanding the market so well that you’re able to deliver the products golfers want and at the price they are willing to pay. Every time. Whether it’s total market size, brand market share, inventory at the item level or understanding consumer preferences, we have the insights you need to propel your business forward.


Retail Sales Data

Using sales data taken directly from POS systems, this is the only true measure of the retail performance of golf products.  Available on subscription, or as a single purchase, sales are reported for the US, UK, France, Sweden and Germany.


Consumer Research

An exciting range of specialist insights to help our clients with sales & marketing, and product development strategies, as well as brand positioning and sales programming.


Pricing & Demand Analysis

Find out how our new pricing technology can help your business determine optimal price points for both profits and revenue.


National Rounds Played

For the most accurate measure of the health of the sport, we track rounds played from a representative base of courses across the United States on a monthly basis.


World Golf Report

This is the only in-depth analysis of the golf business by product and by country.  Gain insights into the ups and downs of product sales across countries that have a significant footprint on the golf industry.


Ecommerce Sales Tracking

Ecommerce exploded during the pandemic of 2020. It later levelled and then contracted as life returned to normal. Our Online Sales Trackers provide intimate insights into the real picture of ecommerce today.