Golf Apparel Study (2020)

Despite the complexity of the golf apparel business, there is very little hard data to help manufacturers and brands make smart decisions about selling and elevating their businesses.

The apparel category is the most complex and splintered business segment in the golf industry. Not only is there a plethora of products (shirts, tops, sweaters, vests, pants, shorts, skorts, leggings, etc.), there’s nearly an infinite number of colors, patterns, and SKU’s.


To provide apparel companies with data they can use to make smart decisions about selling and elevating their brand.


We analyze the triggers that entice golfers to make apparel purchases, the retail outlets they turn to, as well as the brands they prefer and their opinions on golf apparel pricing.

Among the key topics investigated include:

  • Annual apparel spending and average price for golf shirts/tops purchased;
  • Number of shirts/bottoms owned and number of various apparel pieces purchased in the past year;
  • Unaided favorite apparel brands and aided brand ownership;
  • The golf apparel purchase process for golf shirts/tops and bottoms;
  • Online Purchase habits;


This report represents Golf Datatech’s opinions about the Golf Apparel Market and is based upon the results of this consumer data combined with insights gathered from the Monthly Retail Sales Audits and decades of experience in the business of golf. 

A total of 1,000 Serious Golfers participated in the study, answering questions regarding the apparel they purchased for the purpose of playing golf


Cost $495

golf apparel study golf datatech 2020

Golf Apparel Study (2020)

Price: $495.00

Vendor: Golf Datatech