Golf Product Attitude and Usage (Bi-Annual Since 1999)

Since its initial launch in 1999, the bi-annual Golf Product Attitude and Usage study (GPAU) has become the most utilized consumer omnibus research tool in the golf industry.


The Golf Datatech GPAU studies offer compelling insights into consumer perceptions of ball and club brands, as well as marketing and media usage by Serious Golfers. Buyers will also receive a synopsis of current product usage, insights into planned purchase interest over the next year and learn the outcome of investigations into key product attributes. In addition, the studies reveal the channels where golfers prefer to make their purchases.

Conducted in Spring (February) and Summer (August), the GPAU delivers a snapshot of the golf industry before the peak hard-goods season begins and later, as the season draws to a close.

One third of the analysis for both balls and clubs is referred to as the “Marketing and Media” section.

Historical trending over 20 years provides golf brands with an unmatched picture of the changes of golfers’ perceptions tracked over time.


One thousand golfers per wave.

Since the spring of 1999, “golf-o-graphics” of the responding base has remained relatively stable. On average, 90% of the respondents are male, with a mean age of around 50 and play about 60+ rounds of golf per year. Their average handicap is 14 and the bulk of respondents play most of their golf on public access facilities: with just 20% members of private clubs. Household incomes of the serious golfer average $150,000.

Serious Golfers are estimated to buy 70-75% of all golf equipment, even though they only represent 21% of total US golfers.


GPAU data is available for balls or clubs and there is a discounted rate when purchasing both together. GPAU Marketing & Media reports are also available for purchase separately.

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Golf Product Attitude and Useage Golf Datatech Study

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