Purchasing Power of Women in Golf (2021)

This exciting study dives deep into the size of the women’s golf market, estimating it at more than $1.5 billion for combined golf equipment and golf apparel. At that size, the “Purchasing Power” of women is larger than any single product category in golf equipment.

The golf industry is enthusiastic about the sales opportunities that exist among women golfers, and every brand is looking to tap into this, often misunderstood, consumer segment. Most believe women golfers can provide significant upside potential within the equipment category and will be critical to the future of golf’s growth in the US, particularly with the increased number of new golfers post-pandemic.


This report contains sales projections of the Purchasing Power of Women Golfers in the US for the following categories:  Balls, Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putters, Bags, Gloves, Shoes and Apparel.  In total it is over $1.5 billion!

We also investigate active women golfers’ passion for the game, the products they play, and the brands they purchase and where they purchase.

The study also looks at their golf media preferences and usage of social media, as well as their attitudes about digital technology.


Our Purchasing Power of Women in Golf study puts the spotlight on the current attitudes of the Female Golfer, highlighting her passion for the game, her buying power, her potential to deliver sales, and what bothers her about the game today, while also estimating the size and scope of the various major product categories she affects.

And they are significant! 


Online survey with over 1,400 women golfers who were invited to take the survey on our secure servers. All respondents who completed the survey were entered into a drawing for premium grade golf merchandise.


Cost $4,995

Our 300+ page report includes a complete summary and independent analysis of all findings, including traditional cross tabs like handicap, age, annual rounds as well as multiple cross tab analysis along with unedited verbatim comments that are sorted by handicap and age.

purchasing power of women in golf

Purchasing Power of Women in Golf (2021)

Price: $4,995

Vendor: Golf Datatech