Implication of LIV Golf on the Tours, Players and Equipment Brands (2022)

The first-ever perception study to focus on LIV Golf and how the events are being received by Serious Golfers in America. How do dedicated participants of the game feel about high profile professional golfers who have opted to play for LIV, and what is the impact of how those players are perceived? What do golfers feel about LIV and how will it impact the players as brand ambassadors?

Included in the study is an investigation into the attitudes and perceptions of the LIV team concept including 54-hole events, shot gun starts and having no cuts.


The study, which we are conducting in five waves, highlights golfers’ attitudes to professional golf’s newest entry and how it is currently being perceived in relation to the world’s established tours, players and sponsors/brands.


Early results found that the vast majority of the serious golfers surveyed believed LIV Golf to be a bad idea. Additionally, 69% respondents cited the origins of the money involved in LIV Golf as a problem.

Perhaps one of the most telling insights is the Brand Ambassador Ratings, which highlight positive vs. negative perception among 16 leading professional golfers, with the first 9 coming from the PGA Tour while the bottom play for LIV Golf.

Clearly, American golfers are not enamoured with LIV Golf.


More than 600 avid golfers take part in every wave of the survey.


Study cost of $5,000 includes analysis and insights in over five waves, tracking results from the time LIV launched in London through to the year end event in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

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The implications of LIV golf research by Golf Datatech

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