National Rounds Played Report

In 1999, Golf Datatech undertook the task of creating the golf industry’s first monthly report of how many rounds were being played around the country.

Golf Datatech’s report is designed to statistically measure golf participation by tracking rounds played from a representative base of courses throughout the country.

Each month’s rounds are compared to rounds played in the same month in the previous year and year-to-date vs. previous year.

Golf Datatech solicits the data, collects the rounds played, tabulates the numbers and distributes monthly reports for the industry. This report is the single most common denominator among every company touching the golf industry.

All golf courses in the U.S. are invited to participate in the report. The monthly reports are emailed directly to each participating course at NO CHARGE. To enter your current month rounds go to

The link below will direct you to a sample report. To learn more about the National Golf Rounds Played Report or to be added to the monthly email distribution list, email us or call 888-944-4116.

To view a sample of a recent report click: National Rounds Played Report