Internet-based Research

Timely and Cost Effective

Over the past decade, Golf Datatech created and refined a cost effective and timely system of actionable consumer research utilizing our exclusive Serious Golfers Panel, those golfers who play the most rounds, spend the most money on golf equipment, golf apparel, golf travel and pay the most for greens fees and dues.

Golf Datatech built this database organically without contamination from common industry sources such as media and OEM lists. The Serious Golfers who accept an invitation to participate in Golf Datatech studies understand they will be assisting the golf industry in making the game and business better for everyone.

Studies are conducted via the Internet, on a secured server, to known respondents. Typical fielding of surveys takes only a few days rather than the several weeks or months it would take to conduct phone or in-person interviews. Online studies also allow for containing costs as well as speed.

Golf Datatech develops and conducts a wide variety of online research for companies in the golf industry, some of which are syndicated and available for all, and others which are proprietary and confidentially done for a specific client. Examples of syndicated studies include, but are not limited to:

  • U.S. Golf Products Attitude and Usage Studies—Golf balls and golf clubs, two waves per year
  • U.K. Golf Products Attitude and Usage Studies—Golf balls and golf clubs, once per year
  • Custom Fitting—Perspectives on club and ball fitting in the United States
  • Assessing the Pyramid—Analysis of the U.S. pyramid of influence and how that has evolved through the years.
  • Channel Segmentation—Where do Serious Golfers buy their equipment, what are their opinions of those channels, how have these attitudes and actions changed over the years?
  • Distance Devices—How has this market segment developed through the years, what is the size of the market, where does the future lie?
  • Digital Media—As the media landscape changes, how does the “new” media fit within the Serious Golfers’ plans?
  • Training Aids—How large is the market, what brands are the leaders, how do Serious Golfers feel about the usefulness of the various types of training aids from DVDs to physical fitness?
  • Category Studies—Focus on what stimulates and motivates a golfer to buy new equipment in each category, such as putters, drivers or wedges?

Several Syndicated Studies are available for purchase on the site with immediate download, purchase reports.  If you do not see the study that you want please contact us at for pricing.

A few examples of proprietary consumer research projects completed by Golf Datatech include, but are not limited to:

  • Ad Tracking (p-grint and television)
  • Brand and Model Awareness, Trial and Usage Levels
  • Heavy Up Advertising Tests
  • Brand Equity Evaluations
  • Ad Concept Testing
  • New Product Test Markets and Product Concept Testing
  • Golf Travel Destination Studies
  • Brand Positioning
  • New Product Naming

Contact to learn more about Consumer and Proprietary research or call 888-944-4116.