Trust the data source that changed how the Golf Industry manages research.

Timely, accurate, confidential reporting has always been the hallmark of Golf Datatech. The innovative Retail Reports created by Golf Datatech in 1996 changed the industry—providing never before seen sales, inventory and distribution data to golf’s manufacturers. But, market share sell-through research only provides part of the picture for the astute marketing professional. Other key factors include an understanding of the serious golfers’ perspectives of brands, advertising, technology, performance and pricing. Why golfers buy what they buy, how they choose one brand over another, what products they plan to purchase, how technology rates in comparison to price, who and what influences their buying decisions—these factors are every bit as important as what they have bought. Understanding these components and many, many more can aid in brand positioning, marketing messages and product development for months and years to come.

What Sets Golf Datatech Research Apart

When Golf Datatech completes a research project for a client, it not only collects and analyzes data, it also provides a thoroughly written investigation of the facts and supplies an objective perspective on what the information means along with potential implications and where appropriate, ideas for dealing with the outcomes. When suitable, exclusive Golf Datatech Retail Sales data is included in the analysis to provide a broader perspective on relevant developing trends.

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