Consumer Reports


The fifth wave of the series and the most comprehensive independent study ever conducted on the topic of Golf Distance Measuring Devices.
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Assessing the Pyramid 2019  ***NOW AVAILABLE***

This report is a study of serious golfers investigating how they evaluate new technology, how they gather information on new products and technology, and what influences them to purchase.
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The Development of the Ultra-Premium Golf Club Category 2018  ***NEW LOWER PRICE***

….seeks to understand the attitudes and motivations of Serious Golfers regarding their purchasing and usage of Ultra-Premium Golf Club products.
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Custom Fitting of Golf Equipment 2018 ***NEW LOWER PRICE***

This 200-page report will help you to further understand the custom fitting market place for irons, drivers, putters, wedges and golf balls among serious golfers.
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 The Amazon Impact 2018  ***NEW LOWER PRICE***

How America’s Largest Online Retailer is Impacting the Golf Industry.  This new study will investigate golfers’ attitudes and preferences about the Amazon experience.
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2017 Serious Golfer Shopping & Purchasing Habits

The Shifting Retail Markets for Equipment and Apparel
This study is the most in depth and comprehensive analysis of serious golfers shopping and buying habits in ten retail channels. This 7th installment expands and builds upon prior Channel Segmentation Studies.Learn More or Purchase EQUIPMENT ONLY Learn More or Purchase SOFT GOODS ONLY Learn More or Purchase

The business of game improvement 2017

This 2017 study is a follow-up to the previous Teaching, Training & Instruction Aid Studies completed in 2004, 2007 & 2010 and attempts to quantify and understand what drives the business of teaching and game improvement tools.
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2016 BIIG® Brand Study

The Brand Identity in Golf (BIIG®) Study, is the first comprehensive report ever conducted on the top Brands in today’s marketplace covering 19 major brands in golf, across all equipment and apparel product categories.
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Trading In Old Clubs & Purchasing Pre-Owned/Used Clubs 2016

A study to understand the Serious Golfers’ awareness, opinions and experiences with trading-in golf equipment and also examine the pre-owned/used golf club purchase habits and experiences.
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Social Media Study 2016

A follow-up to the Multi-Media Study, this new research project takes a deeper look into how serious golfers utilize social media to engage with their peers and interact with the leading golf brands. Learn More or Purchase

Multi-Media Study 2015

This Study explores the impact of emerging, new digital devices & properties, and how they are changing golf media consumption.
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Golf Bag Attitudes & Usage Study 2015

This 58 page study conducted in the Summer 2015, utilizes Golf Datatech’s Serious Golfer Database with over 1,000 respondents sharing their opinions and usage of golf bags.
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Women In Golf Study 2014

A comprehensive study of the playing and purchasing habits of the serious female golfer
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