The Golf Datatech Retail Market Reports provide timely and accurate data on market share, unit sales, dollar sales, average pricing, inventories and distribution for: golf balls, golf clubs (woods, irons, putters and wedges), footwear, bags and gloves.

In addition, Golf Apparel Reports are available covering the categories of men’s and women’s shirts, tops, bottoms and outerwear.

Sales data for all Retail Reports is accumulated monthly from hundreds of retail outlets and projected to the total market based upon proprietary models created by Golf Datatech.

Sales and inventory data is transmitted to Golf Datatech through each shop’s point of sale software system and includes: units sold, actual selling price and inventory remaining. Individual shop data is collapsed into totals within the database to insure confidentiality.

Golf Datatech reports are currently produced monthly for the United States, United Kingdom and Sweden.


Data is collected monthly for each product category by channel: On Course Pro Shops and Off Course Golf Specialty Stores. The two reports are then totaled to create the On and Off Course Combined Report.

Raw sales data transmitted from participating shops is converted into Golf Datatech’s universal product codes, since no standard coding system is used in the golf industry. All data is accumulated, verified for accuracy and run through a proprietary modeling process to project total industry sales, market shares and inventory by channel.

The Golf Datatech U.S. network of shops includes approximately 600 On Course Pro Shops and 210+ Off Course Golf Specialty Stores. The Golf Datatech U.K. network of shops includes approximately 300 On Course Pro Shops and 105 Off Course Golf Specialty Stores. The network in Sweden collects data from 50 Off Course Shops and 130 On Course Shops.

To learn more about the methodology or about participating in the network of shops for either the U.S., UK, or Sweden, please click here.