Pro Shop Participation

Can your golf shop participate in the Golf Datatech network?

Golf Datatech continues to welcome golf shops to join its network, and for them to receive FREE Monthly Retail Market Share Reports covering all the golf retail categories of equipment and apparel. The only criterion is that a shop has an electronic Point of Sale (POS) software system. Golf Datatech has active programs with several participating networks (see list below) but can adapt to virtually any system. It only takes a few seconds at the end of the month to send the sales and inventory data through these systems.

What information is sent to Golf Datatech?

Golf Datatech only collects product descriptions, the number of units sold, how much the units were sold for and end of the month inventory. Golf Datatech does not collect any cost of goods sold, margins or profitability.

Which POS Systems offer an automatic option into the Golf Datatech network?

Each of the following systems includes an automatic free option for Golf Datatech participation:

  • Chronogolf
  • clubsystems group
  • Clubessentials (ClubSoft)
  • Club Prophet Systems (Pro ShopKeeper)
  • Computer Golf Software
  • Crescent Systems
  • Crossover Technologies
  • EZLinks
  • Fairway Systems
  • foreUP
  • GolfNow
  • Handicomp
  • Integrated Business Systems (IBS)
  • Jonas Management Group
  • Northstar Technologies
  • Smyth Systems
  • TAI Club Management
  • Tee-On Golf Systems
  • Users Friend
  • Vermont Systems
  • Yellow Dog Software

How to Sign Up? 

It’s easy! click here or call Becky at 888-944-4116.