Brand Identity In Golf®

(BIIG® Brand Study 2016)

A Brand is a real asset, and the essence of a Brand creates associations, emotions, and appeal that extend well beyond mere product features and benefits.  Brands have personality, and successful Brands connect with consumers on a visceral level. A Brand is a commitment and a promise to the consumer, cultivated through unyielding focus on nurturing and growing the brand’s appeal to the target audience.

Through the years, Brands have moved up and down the golf food chain, some driven by innovation and technology, others by success on the professional tours, some by perceived product breakthroughs, or creative marketing programs.

Bottom line: There is no single formula for Brand success in golf products. The recipe consists of many diverse elements, all forming the fabric and texture of the Brand’s Identity.  Golf Datatech’s 2016 BIIG® Brand Study will deliver insights into these key measures of golf’s most successful brands.

Objective & Methodology

Understand Serious Golfers attitudes about the most significant brands in golf by conducting a random online survey with Serious Golfers from the Golf Datatech Database.

The BIIG® Brand Study contains opinions of 2,100 total respondents, split into three “modules” of 700 each.  Each module contains 6-7 brands, each with a similar Golf-o-graphic base (rounds, gender, handicap, type of course played most often, etc.) so comparisons will be valid across modules.

A series of questions were asked to evaluate various factors that determine the importance of a brand to a consumer:

  • Trust in the Brand
    • An Authentic Golf Brand
    • A brand that delivers on its promises
    • A brand that understands my needs as a player
  • Pride in Association
    • Tour Validation
    • A brand I would be proud to use
  • Perceived Quality
    • High or Low Quality Products
  • Perceived Innovation/Technology
    • Technology Leader or Follower
  • Perceived Value
    • Overall price/value of products within the brand

 Brands Evaluated Were:

  • Callaway
  • Bridgestone
  • Odyssey
  • Ping
  • TaylorMade
  • Titleist
  • Ben Hogan
  • Cobra
  • Cleveland
  • Mizuno
  • PXG
  • Srixon
  • Wilson
  • FootJoy
  • ECCO
  • Under Armour
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Puma

BIIG® Brand Study Analytics include:.

Brand MappingBrands will be mapped into matrix grids to better understand the Module Brands in terms of Brand Esteem – how golfers see the brand (Quality, Trust, Pride, and Technology) compared to Brand Strengths – the equity in the brand (Value & Loyalty).  Various Matrix mapping will also be reported including the Overall BIIG® Brand Rating compared to the Brand Equity Index.

Brand Loyalists & Loyal EvangelistsA golfer is a “Brand Loyalists” if their favorite brand is the only brand they will buy when it is time to purchase again and they are not swayed when faced with an alternative brand at a better price.  In additional a specialized group of golfers “Loyal Evangelists” will be identified. Golfers who are not only loyal to their favorite brand would also recommend their favorite brand to a friend or playing partners (Promoters)…they love the brand and tell their friends about it.  “Brand Loyalists” and “Loyal Evangelists” will be reported by category by brand (Favorite Brand).

Brand Equity Index by Category for Top Brands  –  To develop the Brand Equity Index, a Brands ASP is divided by the Category ASP.  When the Brand Ratio is above 1.00 the Brand has Positive Price Power or Brand Equity, when the ratio is below 1.00 the brand is in a Deficit.  Brand Equity Index will be trended for five years by brand.

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