Business of Game Improvement

5Golf is hard.  To be proficient requires a great deal of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears. And even then, the vast majority of golfers will never reach their full potential.  But everyone can hope tomorrow’s round will be better than today’s, that their most recent lesson will produce great results, that the latest training aid will groove a better swing, and that today is the day they finally shoot the best round of their life.  In golf, hope springs eternal.

The Business of Game Improvement, a new consumer study conducted by Golf Datatech investigates the attitudes and opinions about the various segments of the Business of Golf Instruction, breaking the business down into multiple pieces, including:

  •        Teaching/PGA Golf Professional Lessons
  •        Golf Schools
  •        Practice Patterns of the Serious Golfer
  •        Physical Wellness & Fitness
  •        Web Based Golf Instruction
  •        Online Instructional Videos
  •        Traditional Teaching/Training Aids
  •        Digital Swing Analyzers
  •        Portable Launch Monitors
  •        Golf Simulators
  •        Wearable Golf Technology

Find out for yourself what golfers think about these technologies, do they use them, do they like them, will they continue to use them?  Where do the opportunities lie if you’re in the business of golf instruction / improvement?

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