Golf’s Multi-Media Evolution


Build upon prior insights (2012 and 2013 “Modern Media” studies) into how serious golfers seek and consume information in this ever-changing media landscape, as well as determine attitudes, usage patterns and the impacts of new digital devices and social media platforms.

Show trending information and data by comparing prior results to the 2015 study where possible and appropriate.

Current Environment vs. Historical Norms


Today’s media landscape is fast paced and evolving, a place where immediacy and often opinionated editorial content replaces traditional printed/mailed/transmitted reporting.

The advent of 24/7 news cycles, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, and online news networks have changed where many American consumers gather their knowledge and form their opinions of what is happening in the world around them.  However, results of the 2013 study suggested Serious Golfers had yet to embrace some of the new media as completely as the broader US populace.

  • How has the information consumption patterns of Serious Golfers changed in the past four years?
  • Are the changes substantial enough to impact how golf brands should spend their limited advertising/promotional dollars?
  • How have the attitudes about online modes of communications changed over the past four years?
  • Are Serious Golfers embracing social media? If so, which social media are they using most often?


Online shopping/purchasing continues to be the fastest growing and most talked about segment of the US economy. Some golf products are prime candidates for online purchasing, as they tend to be branded “consumables”, which don’t need to be custom fit or fine-tuned tried prior to purchase. Other golf products are less easily purchased online because they frequently need trial or fitting prior to buying.  Buying clubs online also does not allow for information and advice from a trained golf professional or club fitter at the point of sale, either on the range, on the course, or in the net.  And purchasing clubs online typically does not provide the consumer with a price advantage for premium-priced new products, and may also require waiting for delivery and sometimes that delivery has a cost associated with it.

  • Have Serious Golfers embraced online purchases for all golf products?
    Which products are they most likely to purchase online?
  • Have their online purchasing patterns changed over the past few years?
  • What are the obstacles to buying golf products online? What are the advantages?
  • Why are online apparel purchases out-distancing equipment purchases?

Devices Used

More and more Americans are using mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and wearable technology in their day-to-day lives.  With the advent of Apple watches, fitness trackers, and even wearable distance devices, the number of ways we communicate and track our movements has grown exponentially in the past decade.

  • What devices do Serious Golfers use to gather information?
  • What information is important to Serious Golfers?
  • How widely used are mobile retailing platforms?
  • What other ways do Serious Golfers use mobile devices?

Impact of New Media on Traditional Media

  • With easy access to up-to-the-minute communications via the click of a mouse, what is the impact on traditional media like print, television, radio?
  • How do traditional media outlets compete for the Serious Golfers attention?
    Are they effective?


Responses from 2,000 Golf Datatech Serious Golfers were obtained for the study of golf media habits, including attitudes about monthly and weekly print publications, digital golf weeklies and other media sources such as:

  • Network and cable golf television
  • Social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • General Internet usage (shopping, information gathering, news, entertainment)

Care was taken to structure the respondents to ensure significant distribution by all age ranges (at least 10% of total respondents from each age range), and the male/female segments will be at least 88% men and 12% women.

Respondents were randomly selected from Golf Datatech’s Database of Serious golfers, an organically grown and highly engaged collection of 50,000+ avid players who have opted to participate and aid the industry in creating better products and programs for the good of all.  All respondents who completed the survey were entered into a drawing for premium grade golf equipment.

Respondents were invited to take the survey on the Golf Datatech secure server, where all data was accumulated and analyzed.

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Next Update: 3rd Quarter 2017